Hard Surface Cleaning Melbourne

Hard Surface Cleaning Melbourne

Hard Surface Cleaning Melbourne

At Vitez Cleaning Solutions, we provide a range of specialised hard surface cleaning services across Melbourne. We use only the best commercial-grade cleaning equipment, technology and processes to get any hard surface – horizontal or vertical – looking good as new.

We specialise in cleaning tiles and grout, paving, pavements and footpaths, concrete, marble, granite, driveways and carparks, stairs and other hard surfaces. We can remove a range of stains and materials including oil, mould and mildew, discolorations, rubber, paints and more without damaging the surface.

Besides cleaning, we can also restore and seal your hard surfaces to extend their life and protect them from damage.

We take great pride in all our work and we always make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with our work. We ensure the safe and thorough cleaning of all interior and exterior hard surfaces.

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    How We Clean Hard Surfaces

    First we thoroughly examine and assess the condition of the surface. We check for any existing damage before determining a suitable cleaning plan. We are always careful to take into account the surrounding surfaces and areas (such as windows or gardens) before we start cleaning to ensure that all surrounding areas are properly protected.

    In most cases, we use pressure cleaning for hard surfaces. Unlike mopping or scrubbing, which can work the dirt further into the hard surface, pressure cleaning will blast out minute particles from deep within the surface.

    We are always careful to maintain the right temperature and pressure for optimal hard surface cleaning. Temperatures up to 120°C and pressures of around 2,500 psi tend to work best, but these can be adjusted depending on the surface, the level of cleaning required and surrounding area. We also use lance pressure washers for those hard to reach places.

    We can also use commercial-grade hard surface rotary cleaners for a range of surfaces. These machines reduce the amount of spray and are great for cleaning hard surfaces without splashing surrounding areas.

    Best hard surface cleaning services at Vitez Cleaning

    At Vitez Cleaning Solutions, we provide expert hard surface cleaning services to businesses across Melbourne and throughout Victoria. Our cleaning products and services are eco-friendly and completely safe. We are fully licensed and insured and we provide affordable and efficient cleaning services.

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