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Hard Surface Cleaning Melbourne

Hard Surface Cleaning Melbourne

Hard Surface Cleaning Melbourne

Hard surface cleaning Melbourne demands specialized cleaning. Our best-in-class cleaning technology, latest equipment and superior cleaning operation effortlessly clean tiles, pavements, walls, staircases and tile edges. After delivering competitive service, we ensure that your hard spaces are not infiltrated with cleaning residues. While cleaning, we also access the hard-to-reach areas and take out all types of germs and debris from the surfaces.

We always pride our work, our employees love what they do and guarantee 100% satisfaction for the clients. Managing your property can be difficult but when it comes to Hard Surface Cleaning in Melbourne you can trust us to get the job done. With our excellent team and Hi-Tech equipment’s, it’s an easy job for us.

To effectively maintain them in the best condition, you must clean and restore them to the best of the conditions. Hard surface cleaning and restoration services are an approved way to clean a range of hard surfaces including Tile and Grout, Brick, Block, Concrete, Granite, and Marble Terrazzo. Besides cleaning the surfaces, it focuses on maintaining them in their most natural appearance, refining their look and maintaining their shine.


Best hard surface cleaning services at Vitez Cleaning:

At Vitez Cleaning, we are a team of professional cleaners offering top-quality hard surface cleaning services. Some benefits of partnering with Vitez Cleaning for your requirements include:

• We work on details, acting against dirt, grime, oil, and bacteria.
• Restore your hard surfaces- vertical or horizontal- to a like new condition.
• Our solutions are EPA and environment-friendly.
• We are a licensed and insured cleaning services provider.
• Affordable and efficient cleaning services.
• We offer 100% work satisfaction guarantee.

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    How we Perform Hard Surface Cleaning

    We start working by examining the condition of your area. Based on your understanding, we conceptualise the most suitable cleaning plan for hard surfaces.

    Unlike regular mops which stick dirt and stain between the tiles, our professional mops pull out even the minute dirty particles from such areas.

    Maintaining the right temperature and pressure is the biggest challenge in dry cleaning hard areas. Credits to our years of experience in this industry, your floors receive up to 120°C maximum temperature and more than 2500PSI pressure.
    The ideal temperature-pressure maintains cleanliness for a longer time.

    For perfect cleaning, we use best quality rotary machines. The one-of-a-kind machines scrub the floors without affecting its quality, texture and colour. When we clean the floor post machine-work, it refreshes your lives automatically. With optimum brightness, strength and smooth surface, you feel like sleeping on these surfaces.

    Pressure washing with lance is another unique aspect of our cleaning procedure. While spraying water, we maintain an appropriate pressure according to the hardness and tensile strength of your surface. This quickly clears filth, dust and other marks from the concrete spaces.

    We have records of delivering best quality services in the shortest span of time. As we have mastered the cleaning technology, we possess the skill and potential to offer flawless services in the nook of time. Our expertise and professionalism makes us the best in this sector.

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